"NOMAD band were friendly, professional and provided an amazing performance! They brought so much energy to the party and our employees loved it! Thanks, Sally."
– Sally Hill, 11 April 2022, corporate event for Paysafe at De Vere Wokefield Estate Golf Club in Berkshire

"Nomad played at our wedding reception in Cairo, and brought the house down! They sounded brilliant and got everyone up on the floor, besides being funny, wacky and energetic. And when they came back for their second set, they did it all again! Same energy, same amazing spirit. They were the highlight of the night, besides my dancing :) Everything was easy to organise, they sorted out their own travel and hotel, and worked with the DJ to agree on the sound system. Professional from start to finish. Thank you guys!"
– Amy Allardyce, 8 February 2022, wedding at Sofitel Cairo Nile El Gezirah, Egypt

"Dear James, We just wanted to ask if you could pass on a huge thanks to the band. They were brilliant and rocked the party. We were so impressed with the sound in our living room and the way they embraced everything so wonderfully. Huge thanks and I hope they got home safely! Warmest wishes, Susan."
– Susan Kulkarni, 17 November 2021, party in Kent, UK

"Amazing band! What more can we say other than they made our wedding! Could not recommend them enough. Three weeks later and people are still messaging us and asking for the band’s details so they can use them for their own events. Thank you for everything."
– Helena Woodcock, 6 October 2021, wedding at Restaurante Mirabé, Barcelona, Spain

"NOMAD was absolutely incredible on Saturday. We were so thrilled to work with them and they were a huge success. They were such team players. When it started drizzling for a short period of time, they kept the party going and they were flexible when the timeline needed to be slightly adjusted. If we are in the area for events in the future and we can book them again, we will for sure reach out. Thanks again and have a wonderful week! Best, Emily + the team."
– Emily Madden, 5 October 2021, corporate event at Castell de Sant Marçal, Cerdanyola del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain

"Hi James, I just wanted to send a message to say a huge thanks to you and the band. They were absolutely incredible on the night of our wedding and honestly the place erupted as soon as they began! Friends and family had the time of their lives and still talking about NOMAD!! It was such a highlight of our very special day!! Would love to relive it all over!!! Claire."
– Claire Hughes, 5 October 2021, wedding at Finca la Concepción, Carretera Istán, Marbella, Spain

"We had a fantastic time with NOMAD at the wedding. They were a really friendly bunch and got everyone suitably hyped, which was just what we were looking for! The song list seemed perfect for our guests and there were plenty of singalongs. The roaming aspect worked brilliantly at the venue which could have been slightly cramped with a full band. It made it very interactive. We had lots of positive feedback and their performance has been one of the key talking points of the wedding since! We would definitely recommend them if asked."
– Ed Farrer, 4 October 2021, wedding at Brunswick House, London, UK

"Hi James, thank you so much for everything over the last few weeks and months. The band were absolutely incredible last night, beyond my expectations. You literally couldn’t get people off the dance floor and the sound was fantastic. You guys are going to kill it around Europe and I will certainly be endorsing you. So many of the guests were asking how we found you. Thank you for everything."
– Cian McNaughton, 27 September 2021, wedding at Finca la Concepción, Carretera Istán, Marbella, Spain

"OMG! WE ENJOYED OURSELVES SO MUCH. NOMAD were the star of the night...Just unbelievable!!! NOMAD were amazing!! When we thought about having a band they were what we were dreaming of. They were actually the best of the party and everyone loved them...We want them in all our events from now on!"
– Alexandra Serra, 22 September 2021, corporate event at Masia Casa del Mar, Carrer de la Talaia, Sant Pere de Ribes, Spain

"‘Danny and the guys were absolutely fantastic. They raised the roof from minute one of our wedding and their energy levels were absolutely off the charts. Almost everyone who was there picked out the band as one of the absolute highlights. Danny is a brilliant frontman and built a rapport with so many people. He got people dancing, smiling and singing and we couldn’t have asked for any more. If anyone is hesitating on booking these guys, just do it. They were worth every penny and if we were having our wedding again tomorrow, we’d book them again without a second thought."
– Jamie Moss, 16 September 2021, wedding in Shrewsbury

"Hi Ed, Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, I’ve been away and just settling back to normal life! NOMAD were amazing, extremely pleased with our choice. Would definitely recommend and please thank them again for their brilliant performance. Kind regards, Ouided."
– Ouided Bentamoune, 15 September 2021, wedding at Euridge Manor, Colerne, Chippenham

"We were excited to book Nomad for our wedding in Sitges, just outside Barcelona. Their funky, upbeat sound was exactly what we were looking for...and they did not disappoint! They were a great addition to our wedding. Interacting, playing and dancing amongst our guests was a real highlight. They all loved it and were very impressed with their quality and attitude. They kicked off the party in true style and set the tone for the rest of the evening. Def one of the best choices of our day! Wouldn't hesitate to book them for the next event. Many thanks, Raquel."
– Raquel Roman, 14 September 2021, wedding at Masia Casa del Mar, Carrer de la Talaia, Sant Pere de Ribes, Spain

"Hi James, We wanted to write to thank you SO much for making our wedding so amazing!! You really took it to the next level and it was better than we could have ever dreamt! I’m sorry we didn’t get much time to actually chat on the night. But I am quite sure you will be requested back in Malta soon, we have had SO many people asking for your details and saying how great you all were :) Hope you enjoyed your little stay in Malta too! Thank you again, Lisa & Jonas."
– Lisa Hladnik, 13 September 2021, wedding at Villa Bighi, Kalkara, Malta

"The guys were incredible. They made our wedding day. All of our friends and family are pretty much unanimous in that you are the best band they have ever seen at a wedding. When the guys stood on the steps of the barn playing in the afternoon it created a great atmosphere. It was so chilled out and fun. Then in the evening it went off! The energy, the song choices were all perfect (although admittedly, stood dancing with my mum to the thong song was a weird moment). Rio was absolutely brilliant with the kids too, they idolised him and he was so patient with them, including them in so many of the songs. We’re now just sat racking our brains trying to think of another excuse/ event for you to play at… do you do annulments? Please pass on our thanks to all of the guys. You always have an idea in your mind of what you want your wedding day to be, but they lifted it to a whole new level. Marianne and I can’t thank you all enough."
– Mike Woods, 11 August 2021, wedding at Elmley Nature Reserve, Kent

"Hi James, Just a quick note to say how great the band was. Part of me wonders why Nomad's approach isn't the standard for weddings since it's so obviously superior to the normal setup, but the other part of me recognises that assembling a lineup with both the talent and charisma to pull it off is no mean feat. These guys knocked it out of the park and made the evening. I've had a number of requests for their contact details and as soon as I've ascertained that this is to book them rather than to ask them out on dates I shall send them your way. And that Thong Song arrangement...Hamish also rose to the occasion magnificently - his track selection was perfect, his handling of drunken Zimbabwean requests was professional, and I'm very grateful to him for expanding his range for the night. The dancefloor was packed throughout, and the atmosphere was great. I should also give a shout-out to the sound engineer, who very quickly made the necessary adjustments to the setup. And also to you - thank you for all your help and flexibility over the last few months. Planning an event during COVID is not straightforward, but arranging the music was really straightforward."
– Michael Wilks, 5 August 2021, wedding at Littleton Mill House, Semington, Trowbridge, UK

"These guys are truly amazing! Booked them for my son's wedding and from the very first song they had everyone up and dancing. Would definitely highly recommend them, they made the day."
– Jenny Liddle, 24 May 2021, wedding in Leatherhead, Surrey

"We were absolutely thrilled with NOMAD from start to finish. They were hugely accommodating with our very bespoke needs from the outset and really helped us to envision what we could achieve and how. Then the band themselves were beyond fantastic! Such talented musicians and really entertaining, unique performers. We had 3 guests who were either musicians themselves or really picky with music and all 3 came up to me of their own accord to rave about Nomad - which made us very smug indeed! They were also absolutely charming people and even helped us in a sticky situation when someone kicked the lights in to the river and we had to fix it from a short circuit. I've never seen my friends and family dance like that and loved seeing everyone smiling start to finish; the energy was incredible. THANK YOU - many more bookings to come from our group."
– Samantha Brooker, 26 July 2020, private event in London

“We just wanted to say a massive thank you! The process of booking the band was very simple. We liaised with James about timings on the day etc and they agreed to get an early flight to our wedding in France to give us extra peace of mind on the day which was great. Since the venue was not “kitted out “, James assisted us with booking the sound systems and lighting through a company in France. This was a massive help as we wouldn’t have known what was needed. James continued to liaise with the company right up until the day to make sure all the logistics were sorted for us. When we met on the day the whole band (and DJ) were very friendly and personable. The band also took into account our song choices and agreed on the day (nothing like last minute on our part!) to play our first dance song - “sure - no problem “ was the response when they were asked on the evening itself! In terms of the actual music - it was amazing! It’s a bit worrying booking a band when you haven’t heard them in person beforehand but they definitely live up to their videos on the website! Everyone LOVED the band. A few of the comments we received from guests were: “Best band EVER!”, “We have been to a LOT of weddings -we are old!! - and I can say that band was our favourite - amazing!“ “I write events journalism (the person is a professional journalist) and I like watching events for that reason and I can honestly say that is the first time ever at a wedding or other event, that I have seen EVERYONE up and out of their chair dancing!” This was true - when the band were playing not a single person was sitting down! The comments continued in a similar vein from all of our other guests. They certainly know how to “work a crowd” and the involvement with everyone there was brilliant. The DJ that we booked through them was also brilliant and judged the crowd well. Would recommend! Next plan is for us to try to think of another event so we have a good excuse to hire you all again!! We had a fantastic time - thank you all for being a big part of it. Sarah & Mark, Chateau d’Ingrandes, France, 1 August 2019.”
– Sarah Campbell, 19 September 2019, wedding at Château d'Ingrandes, Place de l'Église, Ingrandes, France

"I can safely say they’re the best band we’ve ever hired for a private party, they were bloody brilliant. Their immersive performance style as well as their musical talent shone through. All the guests were incredibly impressed and they now think I have a sixth sense for finding talented bands"
– Matthew Pryor, 11 September 2019, private party in Cannes, France

"The past few weeks have been a lovely hazy blur and I have also been meaning to email you. A huge huge thank you from myself and my partner Phil. I can't put into words how over the moon we are with our choice to go with you and the band for our special day. I still get goosebumps thinking about when we walked into the field for the drinks reception...the vibe, the sun, even down to the specific song the guys were playing is such a strong memory that we're honestly not going to forget in a while!! The music was so important to me as I've worked on so many corporate events and I really wanted a team of people who felt real, fun and special and you guys nailed it. It really did make the day for us, we wish we could re-live the whole dance floor from start to finish. My only regret was not booking you for longer!!! But having you for the drinks reception and then to kick off the party was important, you set the tone and got everyone drinking and in the mood. The main feedback we've received from guests was 'hands down the best band we've ever seen at a wedding' 'who are the band' !!! So many people were all saying this. Nailed it!! Needless to say we couldn't be happier. You're awesome! Thank you again and all the best. Mel"
– Melissa Clay, 17 June 2019, wedding in the Cotswolds, UK

"Hey James (and gang). Just want to extend the BIGGEST thanks to you guys ever. You honestly made our wedding. Everyone loved you and we loved you and we really are sorry for ever doubting your playlist. Lesson well and truly learnt, you guys know how to bring the party and everyone LOVED you! Thank you so much for being so awesome in the lead up to the wedding and on the wedding day itself, we could not have asked for more. Hope you had a safe flight home/awesome few days in BCN. Will tag you in any videos we come across. Thank you a million times over, Katy and Adam."
– Katy Hacking, 8 June 2019, wedding at La Garriga de Castelladral, Barcelona, Spain

"The band were spectacular. Jay was insanely good and music was so on point. I have never seen a queue to get onto a dance floor until this night! Everyone said best party they had been to - wedding or no wedding - we went full on! Thanks so much. Joe & Noelle."
– Joe Kelly & Noelle Moroney, 2 April 2019, wedding at Borgo di Castelvecchio, Contignano, Province of Siena, Italy

"The band were incredible - made the night! Jay and the guys were exceptional and delivered above and beyond! So many fabulous comments and great videos, we could not be happier. Sensational. Suzy & Dan x"
– Suzy Ross, 29 January 2019, Bar Mitzvah at Sartoria, Savile Row, London

"Hi James, I just wanted to pop a note over to say how amazing the band and DJ were. Everyone absolutely loved them and the band really made the night! So much fun. Please pass on my thanks and feedback to the band... we’d have them back in a heartbeat! Thank you for all your help in the arrangements- it went seamlessly. Literally in the office all day - All I’ve heard is how amazing the band were - the guys smashed it! Hannah"
– Hannah Gibson, 17 December 2018, private event at The Courthouse Hotel, Shoreditch, London


"I couldn't be happier! They were great, easy set up, easy to deal with and an amazing band. Highly recommend x"
– Kristin Williamson, 11 September 2018, wedding in Knutsford, Cheshire, UK

"NOMAD's flagship group were one of the best acts we’ve had to the venue. Their ability to read the crowd, get the party going, and really transform an atmosphere was truly second to none."
– Alex Pakenham, 6 April 2018, Marketing Director, Albert’s Club

"You guys were great tonight."
– Boris Becker, Den Olden Hotel Gstaad, 19 February 2018

"We very much enjoyed your sets - up and dancing before the main course is unprecedented in my experience!"
– Ian Gartshore, 12 July 2017, wedding in Surrey

"We spent tens of thousands on big name acts for the London Olympics and you guys have given these delegates and clients something way more special."
– Andrew Farreras, Coca-Cola, Euro Cup sponsors after-party at Le Grand Hotel Paris, 16 July 2016